Technical analysis for USDJPY on 03.09.13


Technical analysisThe USD/JPY has crossed the descending trend line (weekly) and a strong resistance level of 99.15. The momentum is positive.



Expected price dynamics

Price movement corridor


2 days

≈120 pips

Max. 101.25

Min. 97.65

USDJPY technical analysis on 03.09.13

Technically, according to the 161.8 Fibonacci level, in the next few days, the pair is expected to rise from the maximum at 99.15 to the resistance level of 100.65, but first the price should break above the resistance level of 99.90.

Given that recently the U.S. dollar has strengthened against the basket of currencies, the USD/JPY may continue its rise.

Alternative forecast

USDJPY technical analysis on 03.09.13

The price may stop for a while around the oblique resistance line of 99.90 and the resistance level of 99.75, then consolidate or retest these levels.

In case of upcoming downward correction, the fall targets will be set at the uptrend line and the support level of 99.15. Breaching the uptrend line will indicate that the rise has stopped for a while and may pullback down to the support level of 98.40.


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