Interview with Denis Mysenko of Forex4you


Interview with Denis Mysenko, Online Business Development Director at Forex4you. Denis joined Forex4you in 2008 – shortly after graduating from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden where he got his MSc in management. Since then, Denis has been working on Forex4you website development, introduction of new services and improvement of the customer support.

– Dear Denis, first of all, could you please tell us why did you decide to join Forex4you back in 2008? Why not another financial company?

– I did really sympathize with the way Forex4you was developing at that time – young company, eager to become one of the leaders, literally breaking through in Russia. I still believe that we got great human capital at Forex4you – some of the best programmers, financial advisers, etc.

– Great to hear that. We all know that there are many Forex brokers today – many of them have been in the business since nineties. Why, in your opinion, clients should go to Forex4you – a much younger company?

– That’s true – Forex4you is way younger than many other brokers, but some unique features of ours make us, actually, very competitive. For instance, in Russia we got more deposit and withdrawal options than any other broker. Unlike other companies, we assign a personal manager to every and each client – nevermind the capital. Traders can start live experience with just 1 or 2 USD at Forex4you – again, not possible with most of the competitors! All these things, as well as many others – attract clients to Forex4you, even though, as you said, we are a young broker.

– I heard about your recent geographic expansion – Malaysia, India, what next? And don’t you think that Forex is purely online business and international offices are not required?

– In addition to Malaysia and India, we have recently launched an office in Indonesia – in Jakarta. Forex is surely online business and many clients never visit broker’s offices, they just call or email their brokers. However, sometimes it’s strategically important to have local presence – in countries like India people simply don’t trust websites, people want something “tangible”, something they can touch. Nobody will go for a serious investment without prior personal meeting with a company representative. Moreover, local offices foster partnership network development and increase efficiency of customer support.

– So, where are you going to open your next office?

– We don’t have any plans for new offices at this moment. Instead, we are developing our websites, introducing more languages and more features. Recently, we launched a unique feature – SMS notifications. I personally don’t know any other broker where clients can receive automatic SMS notifications whenever somebody uses their login and password on the site, or daily account statement, or price alert, etc. We added Spanish, Italian, French, German, Arabic and Chinese languages to our website –, plus we launched a helpline in Spain.

– Sounds interesting. Please tell me more about trading conditions of Forex4you?

– Oh, that’s a good part, too. We at Forex4you still offer fixed spreads (from 2) which is very convenient for traders – you always know what to expect. Day or night, Monday or Friday – spread is the same, no matter what Obama said 5 minutes ago or what report did Federal Reserve publish.
Then, we got 100 financial instruments – all the major currency pairs plus plenty of shares plus some commodities – gold, silver, oil, etc. I’m sure no trader will get bored with us.

– Do you offer any help or assistance to your clients?

– Besides our 24 hour customer support through toll free phone numbers, livechat and email, we offer free webinars (online seminars) so that Forex beginners can start their way to success. We also publish daily market tips and signals from our own analysts. Moreover, if you are a registered client, you will get signals from our partner Trading Central (registered financial advisor in the US) – 8 times a day, for all major pairs. And starting this month – we got our own WebTV running, daily. So yes – we do provide assistance, and we actually want all our clients to become successful traders!


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I am a forex analyst, trader and writer. I have had a career writing articles for websites and journals, starting in the travel sector and then in Forex. I use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis in my forecasting. When I joined Forex4you in 2010 I thought it was a great opportunity to work as an analyst for an international broker. I provide technical forecasts with clear entry points and targets as well as articles on fundamental and trading themes. Good luck and happy trading!