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I am a forex analyst, trader and writer. I have had a career writing articles for websites and journals, starting in the travel sector and then in Forex. I use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis in my forecasting. When I joined Forex4you in 2010 I thought it was a great opportunity to work as an analyst for an international broker. I provide technical forecasts with clear entry points and targets as well as articles on fundamental and trading themes. Good luck and happy trading!2132 Articles

I have been friend with currency market since 2006. I hope that this friendship is not only useful to me, because over the years I have repeatedly provided analytical services to various companies and media outlets. I love fundamental analysis. Every day, I am convinced that the statistics is not boring numbers but fascinating reading, which, moreover, can predict the future. Technical analysis is also not neglected, especially as my hobby - finding effective algorithms for automated trading systems.478 Articles

Dankra is a forex trader who has played the markets for 7 years. He also trades binary options and spends his free time developing strategies that traders can use to beat the markets. He also codes indicators and EAs for the MT4 platform.123 Articles

Private trader, Forex4you company analyst since 2007. Research led me to the most complete understanding of the processes taking place in the market. Afterwards, I gave up technical (classical) and fundamental analysis to focus on the price, because it brings all the necessary information. At the moment, I present not only the analytical material that helps to focus on the market, but also training services and analytical platform FAM Generator.14 Articles

I’m 35. I live in Belarus, have a law degree, and work in the field of foreign trade. I’m in the Forex market since 2008, mostly prefer conservative trading style, where the account drawdown should not exceed 20% (this is critical) and annual profit shouldn’t be less than 40%. If anyone asks me, why I need the remaining 80% of funds (or even 70%, considering the margin required for opening and maintain current positions), I would explain that force majeure should always be considered! Yesterday, the drawdown could amount to 20% and even if this won’t repeat tomorrow, the drawdown can be even worse. I don’t want to guess how much it can be. I often make martingale experiments. None of them was successful so far, yet I keep my hopes up. I have a blog, which you can see by clicking on my avatar. Here I express my view of the basics of forex trading, the building theory, testing, and optimization of trading methods based on technical analysis. I don’t often return to my blog and will probably write about 50% my Forex trading ideas in 5 more years. Please feel free to ask your questions here or in my blog. I will try to answer ASAP. On this site, I hope to find many friends (and colleagues), who should not necessarily share my view point on the Forex market, yet would share their independent view. Good luck to us all in our trading!1 Articles