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  • Technical analysis for EURUSD on 27.08.13


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    Technical analysisDisappointing fundamental data (USD) on Core Durable Goods Orders (MoM) did not result in breaking the resistance level of 1.3400. The way to this level went amid a rebound down.



    Expected price dynamics

    Price movement corridor


    1 day

    ≈125 pips

    Max. 1.3580

    Min. 1.3170

    EURUSD technical analysis on 27.08.13

    If positive fundamental data on the EUR and all USD majors did not result in positive dynamics, this means that the U.S. dollar is strong enough and does not want to lose its positions.

    The EUR/USD is trading within a symmetrical triangle. Breaking one of the base lines may result in upcoming cross. However, the attention is paid to bears that have digested yesterday’s strong data on the EUR. Meanwhile, the trade volume is relatively small.

    Breaking the support level of 1.3365 and the support line of 1.3350 would be a good signal for selling short at the support of 1.3310. Consolidation below 1.3310 will open the way to the trend line at 1.3285.

    Alternative forecast

    EURUSD technical analysis on 27.08.13

    Even if the bulls are able to move up today and break the resistance level of 1.3400, the bullish trend will continue. The targets remain the same: 1.3440, 1.3480, 1.3500.

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